Custom Eyeliner Boxes

Give your custom eyeliner packaging a spark of confidence so that customers will trust them. The encapsulation’s maximum customization choices will make you fall in love with it. The materials, coatings, and add-ons chosen would entice and set the way for luxury cosmetic packaging. Everything from fascinating design prints to amazing logo printing would be sufficient for your cosmetic organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Started?
  1. Submit a Quote or Chat Live with our Representative.
  2. Receive Quote via email to Review.
  3. Submit your artwork and make a Payment.
  4. Approve the Digital Proof.
  5. Receive Your Order at your door-step.
What is your Standard Turnaround Time?
  1. Our Standard Lead Time is 8 to 10 Business Days for Production after the final approval on specification sheets we send prior to printing.
  2. It will Take 3 - 5 Business Day for Delivery at your door-step Once the Production is Completed.
  3. There is a an Option to Rush the Production. Please contact us at
Are customized boxes among the services you provide?

Short answer to this is Yes.

We are specialized in all sort of customizable printing. Our Custom Printing Covers from have simple CMYK based Artwork to Pantone Color Printing, Gold Foiling, Silver Foiling, High Gloss SPOT UV Printing, Embossing and Debossing of Logo, Text and Objects. Feel Free to reach out to our sales department at for more information and proof of our working. 

What's the lowest quantity we can order?

Starting from as low as 100 boxes. Our aim is to provide opportunity to small businesses so they can market themselves and establish their reputation.

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    What are custom eyeliner boxes?

    We provide Custom eyeliner boxes in the shade, material, and style of your choice. You may easily insert more tabs or folds according to your needs! A creative eyeliner box packaging provided by us effectively packs the product and serves as a symbol of a cosmetic business. Brilliant eyeliner boxes wholesale can help you display your eye cosmetics operate more efficiently.

    Types of custom eyeliner boxes

    The type of eyeliner determines the many forms of eyeliner packing boxes. With advancements in almost everything, it is easy to see that cosmetics are advancing as well. From matte to shimmery to sparkly, matte Varieties and evolution are continually critical components of progress. As a result, if you look, you will see that eyeliner comes in various shapes and sizes.

    Many ladies use eyeliner to add to their natural beauty as a compliment. It is essential for them before going to parties etc. Now, as we know that eyeliner is a girls’ product, we have to think about making it look like something naturally attractive to women. And that’s possible by eyeliner packing it beautifully in a box that seems visually appealing to them. And that’s where our role plays its part.

    Take your brand to the heights of success with us.

    We are a company that provides its customers with the best service out of all. We have a team of expert designers working for us 24-hours, who have already designed custom eyeliner boxes for many others and are 24/7 available at your assistance too. You have to make some selections, some decisions and give some instructions of your requirements to our team and be sure that they will come up with something unique, that’s for sure.

    Avail this astonishingly budget-friendly opportunity ASAP

    We have told you that our services are the best of the best. But there’s a misconception that the best service is always pricey. We believe that delivering a quality product should be one’s only priority. A price is just a number you’ve agreed upon. And it is not that high either. For a service like this! It is nothing.